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Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by ThaiMax, May 12, 2013.

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    I arrived to Kalasin 2 days ago after Songkran in Khon Kaen was finished. Kalasin seems to be pretty dead .

    I stayed at the Supak hotel there, 400 Baht for an ok room with the usual ammenities. No English spoken, no where a motorbike to be rented and that was the major problem in Kalasin.

    From the internet I knew that there is a larger hotel in Kalasin called the Rimpao hotel, this place has a massage shop. I dropped into the place and the were two massage ladies in there offering an oily for 600 Baht per hour. I would have paid the price if the ladies would have been any good, but both of them were around 50 and I saw myself paying way too much for an oily and finally getting wanked off by an elderly lady so I left again. Saw another massage shop as I walked through the streets ( bloody hot there ) and the shop looked fine for a straight massage. Everything is open and so I didn't expect ( and didn't get ) any extras there. The Thai massage was very good though.

    By 7 p.m. everything seems to close and I even had problems to find a decent restaurant for dinner. Finally found a nice korean bbq buffet place and the food was good, but the place was pretty deserted.

    After dinner I tried to make a tuktuk driver understand that I wanted to go to a ladyhouse or at least to some place where the locals go to listen to some music and to have some drinks. But even that wouldn't work. I ended up in some shitty place having some beers.

    By the time I wanted to leave there was no more tuktuk there to take me home. So i wandered through the streeets of sleeping Kalasin ( around 10:30 - 11 p.m. ) and finally was happy to find a tuktuk to take me back to the hotel. Already had decided by that time to leave the place on the very next morning. I'm sure there are fun places even in Kalasin, but you just need a bike to search for them, they usually are easy to spot at night time.
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    Try going out to 100 % night club near the bus station
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    there is an english bar (scott's bar) 100m from the bus station any tuk tuk driver will know it and the thai live music bar and night club in the bus station but kalasin is a quiet town and use of a moped is a must to get around there's also a large tesco lotus and big C supermarket all the things a falung need but kalasin is for the tourist that wants to see the true rural thailand not the ideal place for the partying falung looking for girls in bars. best for the food and culture.

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