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Discussion in 'Philippines Nightlife. Manila, Angeles City ...' started by Fordtech, May 15, 2013.

  1. Fordtech

    Fordtech New Member

    I have been enjoying myself with this LBFM for a few rounds in the past month or so. Send a text and usually with-in a hour she is here, showered and down to work. She is looking for more customers if anyone is interested.Attached Thumbnails
  3. ThaiMax

    ThaiMax New Member

    500 PHP is great, where did you meet her?
    Just a pick uop from the street?
    Some internet platform?
  4. Hello

    Hello Guest

    Do you have a photo of her?
  5. boy pogi

    boy pogi Guest

    500 is ok, where i can find a lady like that? pls help me. thanks

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