3gsm world congress + escorts + barcelona !!!

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    This week is taking place the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. Executives are known to be good clients of the paid-sex business; that's why these days everyone here is busy.
    There are many options among de Spanish sexual scene, but since I'm looking for high class sexual workers and not for some kind of kinky sex on the streets, I prefer going for brothels rather than for independent or street sexual workers. Meeting at a brothel guarantees the girl and yourself high hygiene standards and a quiet and full-equipped luxury room for a healthy sexual intercourse.
    I think that once you are visiting a new city, you have to squeeze your time there, so I looked for information on the Internet before coming to Barcelona. I found many brothels such as La Vie en Rose or Perla Negra.

    I decided for these brothels, because they are the first clubs in Spain (and almost the only ones in Europe) which hold the ISO certificate for hygiene standards. In addition, they are located downtown Barcelona. When I came there (both of them), I was invited to have a drink while a huge selection of Latin and Spanish girls paraded in front of me so I could get my choice. The facilities couldn't be better; the rooms were super clean, the staff of the hotel was very nice and the girls were simply stunning. Best experiences ever.

    This is being the best business trip of my entire life. I'm definitely coming back to Barcelona next year! I didn't know it yet, but Mobile World Congress and having fun at night with beautiful girls is a good mixture you can't miss in beautiful Barcelona.
    Just my personal experience, hope you find this post useful.

    Best regards,
    K. Thompson

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