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    Hi all. I heard about AC from a American-Phil friend of mine and I had to see for myself. And it was exactly like he described.

    FIrst I flew into Manila and spent a few days there. It's exactly as dirty as you read here, lots of starving small children and all that. LA Cafe was a fantastic place and I had one FL there for about 3000php but she really wasn't worth it. I choose badly and it's ok, was my first time.

    Katerina went to AC and I can't wait to go back. I'm a decent looking guy (or so my gfs tell me) but in American clubs I'm basically just background noise and most girls politely brush me off. In AC the script is completely flipped, you're the one they all want. I only had four days there and it rained heavily twice so I was only able to go out two nights. The first night I met and EWR'd a good looking 27yo 4'10 spinner from ponytails for 2000php had fun all the next day through the rain. She had crazy eyes though so I didn't want her to stay too long. The next was a gorgeous 19yo 5'2 model girl from crystal palace for 3000php but she turned out to be a runner and wasn't very good in bed.

    Lessons learned: it's not about price, it's about the girl's attitude. Ponytails girl rode me like a cowgirl three times and was the best I've had to date. LA cafe girl and crystal palace girls charged more and delivered less (once each and not very good ones). Also, hotels in Manila cost more and are less comfortable than AC. Really, there's no reason to stay in Manila for more than a day.

    Also take pics. I can't upload anything because I didn't take any like the newbie I was
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    Please share your pics, bro

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