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Discussion in 'Main Thailand forum.' started by Brewster, May 5, 2014.

  1. Brewster

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    After more years than I care to remember in a sham of a marriage that I am finally free of, I'm in need of some advice!

    I have a business trip to bkk in October, after which I have 6 days holiday. Having never been to Thailand I'm unsure of the best place to go for some hot asian girl action.

    I wanted to go to either Pattaya for 4 days or Ranong. Can anyone tell me the best option for young (18-21) year old girls for street meat and bar girls? Also and advice on the best girl friendly hotels would be appreciated as I don't want my of this being reported to my bosses !!

    Ialso does anybody know a good site where I might meet up with like minded 25-40 year olds that want a wingman rather than go looking alone. Banter and a laugh is always the best way to start a memorable night.

    Cheers, Chris
  3. Paulyt14

    Paulyt14 New Member

    Pattaya is a great way to start your new life ! Kid and cake shop come to mind - if you google guest friendly hotels read the sites and you make your choice- simples ! I would advise not getting a hotel by walking Street as it is so noisy - I stayed a bit out - 20 baht in a tuk tuk and there was a bar nearby called believe it or not -Hooters - and the standard was off the chart - the hotel I stayed in escapes me at the moment but was next door to the Big C and was a tranquil location - 3 pools the further away from the reception the quieter it was - and don't worry about a wingman - plenty of like minded blokes there - you will hook up with someone - little tip - all the massage shops by Walking Street - do extras and will go with you to your hotel !! Cheaper than the bar girls

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