Pattaya Sex Guide

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Pattaya sex guide.

About a 2hrs drive from Bangkok , Pattaya is a seaside town , with a difference. Pattaya is a magical place, truly one of a kind. Wall to wall beer bar pussy , in a relaxed 'open air' environment.
Most of the time , no high rises hovering over you and nowhere near the vehicular traffic of its bigger sin sister, Bangkok. Space you have got a plenty.
Principally a Beer Bar town with plenty of Go-Go's, Disco's , Freelance Spots and an adequate supply of Sex Massage Parlours. Only more in respect of Beer Bars and relaxed atmosphere , has it got more. Big spenders say your 'slumming' when in Pattaya : )
Sometimes it seems like Pattaya exists in a parallel universe, where none of the rules of the outside world apply. It’s a city of lust, love and sometimes despair. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. Every year thousands of men travel here in search of beautiful Thai girls. Some look for a wife, others for a girlfriend, while some are just looking for lust and sex in Pattaya.

  1. Go Go bars. The normal accepted price used to be 1000 baht (33$) for short time and 1500(50$) to 2000 baht (66$) long time. Places like "Whats Up" (Sensations , Sugar Baby etc) GoGo charge Bt1500 bar fine ..........ST Baht1500/2000 (will ask for latter) ..........LT : Baht 2500/3000 (will ask for latter). It's unlikely the girls will agree to Long Time (all night) , as they make more via ST. Suggest you do not pay for LT , as its likely , after one pop she will do a runner on you , ie , return to the GoGo bar and look for another ST customer.
  2. Beer bars. There are over 2500 beer bars in Pattaya. There are so many one cannot begin to count them. Most are open sided affairs. Girls sit around at tables , waiting for customers. Customer chooses a girl , she comes sits and chats with customer. See "Average prices" above. Soi.8(6,7...) is some distance from the Walking Street action , where there are a lot of Beer Bars too. Beer Bars are everywhere , in Pattaya. You don't have to find them , they will find you. The bar fine is typically 300 baht. Short time is usually 600 baht. The expected price for an all night or long time is 1000 baht(33$).
  3. Blow Job Bars. Beer bar or blow job bar street ? Its both , in reality , but primarily designed for guys looking for a blow job. Open 13:00 to 01:00, 16:00 best time. Maybe 18:00 at its peak. After 12 midnight , fades. Full sex of course available too. Short time rooms on the premises. Myself I would not offer any more than Bt800 (Bt700 girls +beer) for great sex followed by a great blow job. But hey , you can get that for Bt500 off Beach Road girls , but don't expect movie stars at either Soi6 or Beach Rd. Exceptions , sometimes a pretty one : )
    Bliss Lounge Blow Job Bar(700 baht
    Lolitas Blow Job Bar
  4. Soapie Massages. There are at least several of these establishments in Pattaya, three of which are on Second Road near Big C. The cost is between 1500-2000 bath(50-70$). Sabai Room Massage, Honey Massage( Relatively new and currently popular , all up , room and girls Bt1800 and Bt2500.
  5. Massage girls. They are found everywhere working for all those little massage places. Typically a foot massage costs 200 baht(7$) with a Thai full body massage going for 200 to 250 baht(8$). An oil massage sets you back as much as 300 baht(10$). if you get a happy ending, usually give her a 200 to 300 baht(10$) tip.
  6. Free lancers. Usually you will find them in the nightclubs and discos as well as shopping centers, even do they will be more difficult to spot. Short time 500 bath(17$) but mostly will look for overnight stay around 1000 bath(33$).Walking Street ( around on the footpath whilst potential customers pass by. Girls here are usually better quality than the Beach Promenade (see below) girls and consequently charge more , eg , Baht500/700/1000 ST , Baht1000/1500 LT. The less attractive girls seem to stand still on the side of the road (walking street by night) , same spot , all night. The more attractive ones seem to like walking up and down Walking St , entering/exiting Disco's etc. Smile at a nice one walking by and see if she will stop and negotiate. More attractive ones do not want to advertise that they are an outright street hooker by standing still in one spot , prefer to pretend they are heading somewhere : ) And they are more likely to expect Bt1000 ST and Bt1500 LT . Make sure its a hooker , your about to talk price too ! Beware of katoeys (ladyboy) parading or working in Walking St.
    Beach Road Promenade (พทยาบชวอรค/4ec08f2f9911a2ec5c53a8d8). Coming from South , at end of Walking St (Tourist Booth) sea-side , for another 500m on same sea-side of road there are girls hanging around. When you see the Royal Garden Plaza Shopping Centre on the opposite side of the road , you know your in the right area. These are lower end of scale girls normally , and a greater security risk (room). Exceptions prevail from time to time , eg an attractive well behaved gal. Max prices here ... ST Bt500/700 , LT Bt1000 (depends if girl young/attractive). Watch your valuables and do not accept any food or drinks from these girls , might be drugged. Safest is ST (one shag) , not overnight (LT).
Accommodation: Budget Hotel Prices start at around 500 baht per night and go upward from there. Dorm rooms in hostels can be as little as 85 baht(3$), and guesthouses start at around 125 baht(4$) per night. For a nicer room with air-con, expect to pay about 400 baht(13$) per night. Make sure to ask if the accommodation is girl friendly, they may charge you extra for overnight stay guest. List of guest friendly hotels in Pattaya.

ST - Short time, 1-2 hours
LT - Long time, all night


  1. njaya
    Good post, all very accurate.

    I am an American who spends my winters in the Pattaya area. I really do not have a lot to do while there, and am available to show newbies around. I have a car and could meet you at BKK airport and bring you to town, make hotel suggestions, answer questions in advance, show you around town, and acquaint you with Pattaya's attractions - from standard tourist attractions, to the more interesting activities as mentioned above.

    If you need a guide in the winter months, let me know and we can work something out.