Nana Plaza girl friendly hotels

Blog entry posted by Porter, Apr 10, 2015.

Nana Entertainment Plaza is one of the most famous entertainment centers in Bangkok, occupying a three-story building. Perhaps, none of the local go-go bars and strip shows is capable of maintaining the competition, except maybe Patpong and Soi Cowboy. Well, it would be quite fair to underline these 3 pillars form the red light district character of the city.

Unlike many other true to such type establishments, Nana Plaza is ready to serve both men and women. For the convenience of visitors the club is separated into several bars. Get your drink (and be ready to leave some cache for cocktails for girls), choose your lady for the night, and head for one of the guest friendly hotels. Looking to pick up a brawny, passionate man to have some fun? The establishment always has something, or to be more exact, someone to offer. The mixture of sexual tastes is truly amazing: bisexuals, transvestites, gays, and even more exotic types reside here.

The institution’s cherished target audience is Europeans, Americans and Japanese, which guarantees an increased level of service, plus the pricing for sex services is much cheaper than European. The reputation of the Eastern Asia main sex tourism center, Thailand, and Bangkok in particular, offers loads of fun for virtually any budget. Thus, the cocktail menu rarely goes beyond 250 Baht (or $8) per position, while a night in one of the girls friendly hotels starts from as little $20. I’ve been living in Eastern Asia for 8 years by now, and I believe my personal top 5 rating can be quite useful, especially for the first timers. So here we go, here is your quick guide on the best spots in vicinity of Nana Plaza with guests headaches excluded.

Majestic Suite Hotel -฿1,230/$41
This spot is perhaps the most decent when it comes to price-value options. Unmatched comfort, simply stunning location and of course guest-friendliness are its strongest suits. The rooms are cozy and spacey enough, and what is particularly important, it’s pretty quiet here, in other words, a perfect place to spend a night with a bar girl. As for now, Majestic offers just 8 rooms, which means early booking may be required.

DI Place Hotel- ฿1,090 Baht/$37
Apart from a more affordable price, this option outperforms Majestic in terms of a bunch of components. Even though DI Place is hardly the cheapest option, though it definitely boasts impressive price-value offers. Looking to pick up a girl for a night? No problems from staff to be expected at this hotel. Perhaps, 250 meters remoteness from Nana Plaza is too tempting to refuse from such an opportunity. In either event, this option is definitely worthy of trying.

White Orchid Inn Nana - ฿850 Baht/$28
Doubtlessly, White Orchid is one of the most affordable hotels with Nana Plaza within walking distance. This is an ideal budget and guest friendly option for 1-2 nights stay. The rooms are quite clean and tidy (by Eastern Asia standards of course). However, the attractive price is partially explained by the inconveniences the place has. Thus, it is located in a busy area, plus there is a pub downstairs which means the room here is not designed for relaxation and good sleep.

Parkway Inn - ฿920/$30
A funky decor flavour, easy and appealing design, affordable price, yet one of the best locations extremely close to Nana Plaza - these are the main trump cards of Parkway Inn option. This is where guest friendliness is an integral component of services set, after all, you will hardly hear any complaints neither from your bar girl nor from the staff. Massage on the second floor, restaurant, bar, a stylish lobby and