Macau girl friendly hotels

Blog entry posted by Porter, Dec 29, 2015.

List of "no joiner fee hotels" in Macau also known as guest friendly hotels:

Golden Dragon Hotel - 100$ - is a tall two-tower building in an enviable location, facing the eastern side of Macau's city center. Interesting aspects of the guest frienedly hotel are the 24 hour bar and nightclub.

Emperor Hotel - 100$ - The Emperor Hotel is a part of the modern city center development. The hotel is guest friendly and there are no prohibitions against customers taking a friend or two to their rooms if they want to do that.

Beverly Plaza Hotel
- 90$ Located in the heart of the city, the Beverly Plaza Hotel is next to Casino Lisboa. The hotel contains a number of facilities including a nightclub and all the regulars like room service are also available. The Beverly Plaza is totally guest friendly so customers who want to take a friend or two to their room don’t run into any issues.

The Ritz Carlton
- from 400$/night
At Ritz-Carlton Hotel Macau, the excellent service and superior facilities make for an unforgettable stay.The five star Ritz Carlton is quite possibly the nicest hotel in Macau though not the best since it is located on Taipa rather than in the middle of all the main casinos and such.

Hotel Lisboa from 128$/night This first-rate property is situated in the central business district of Macau and built with distinct architecture, world acclaimed restaurants, and 24-hour entertainment. Hotel is totally guest friendly and customers are free to come and go as they please from any of the many entrances in the building without anyone giving them as much as a second look.

The government of Macau - a small island in half an hour by high-speed catamaran from Hong Kong. For many years it was a colony of the Portuguese, and now it's autonomy within China. However, rather it is an independent state, because there own currency and their visas. But the most important and the most impressive thing here is - casino. In the surrounding countries, gambling is prohibited, so that the fans come here to play roulette and cards from all over Asia. It is the analog of the famous Las Vegas. Around this built all around. And this the most vibrant city in the whole of Asia.
Begin surprises with public transport. Habitual trip buses there is no point to use. Throughout the city, past all major hotels free shuttle shuttles from the major casinos. They can get to all the main places in the city. There are plenty of taxis and they are very cheap, so that is also an option. It works day and night, night - the "season". Even at three a.m. here you can catch something bizarre in the aquarium of the restaurant and cook according to the traditions of the local cuisine. The most immense casino is considered to be the center Galaxy. To imagine the scale, I would say that there are some tropical gardens, around six pools and the beach on the 2,000 square meters with 350 tons of white sand. The largest pool is located on the roof of the complex, an area of 1200 square meters. This pool is a kind of artificial sea - with the help of special devices is creating waves up to 1.5 meters, which is enough for windsurfing. The Galaxy gambling house is located about 600 gaming tables for card games and roulette, and more than 1,500 slot machines. The institution is divided into five sectors according to the independent category of gambling. At the entrance to the casino posted Diamond Fountain of artificial stones, the composition of which included a crystal chandelier.
Chandelier during the performance lifts up from the fountain of a huge diamond, which is accompanied by music and lighting for better visual effect. If you have any casino hotels, the price run-up, respectively, from the kennel to the palace. The city is also beautiful and diverse, close to the center - more people. And yet there is a joke, if the Chinese people 18 years of age to build in a line and ask for a pass you, then this place will never end, because the new Chinese will be born and reach adulthood faster.