How To Have A Trigasmo With These 3 Infallible Sexual Techniques

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It is clear that every woman lives the sexuality differently. But if it is already past reaching the sexual climax, what would happen if you triple the intensity of that sensation? It would be madness called "trigasmo." The trigasmo in the woman is a modality of feminine orgasm that is based to have orgasmo synchronized in 3 erogenous zones of the body: the clitoris, the point G and the anus .

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Our Goa Model Escorts are the masters of sheets so for them this multi-orgasmic experience is almost pan eaten. However, any woman can achieve a trigasmo, you just have to know what sexual positions and techniques are appropriate to achieve such stimulation. So, there are no excuses to try it with your partner or whoever you want and feel a new world sexually speaking.

Keys to reaching a trigasmo like a prostitute of Goa Escorts Agencies

The key to trigasmo in women is to know the sexual techniques suitable for both clitoris, as point G and anus are stimulated and sparks.

Take a look at all the tips that our Independent Escorts in Goa have given us. You will be an active part of this sexual bomb so study the lesson well to give it your turn.

Oral sex to stimulate the clitoris

The most erogenous area of a woman's body shows all-powerful effects when stimulated. But do not do it abruptly. Touch it gently or, even better, bet on oral sex that blows all the alarms. How? With licks that will vary in intensity and practice of cunilingus, among others.

Do not forget to practice sexual postures that stimulate the clitoris like the butterfly or the modified missionary where the penetration is combined with the manual stimulation of this sparkling point of the Call Girls in Goa woman.

Trigasmo in women

Learn how to stimulate the G-spot of an escort

Does your penis curve when you are in the excitement phase? Then you have all the ballots to stimulate the G-spot during penetration, making that orgasm more powerful. Sexual positions like the classic Missionary, the Puppy or the Embrace strengthen this area .

Manual stimulation also favors the stimulation of the G-spot if we lubricate the finger, and we introduce it in the vagina curving it upwards, with soft caresses.

Anal sex, the icing to achieve a movie trigasmo

The anus has a multitude of nerve endings that, if we know how to activate them, will enjoy a session of fireworks in the form of sexual trigasm. Practice your manual stimulation using lubricants and performing gentle circular movements , or opt for anal sex poses like the teaspoon or wild horse.

In both, as the man penetrates, his hands are free to touch the woman's clitoris or breasts. Explode, explode, explode! Put in practice all these notes and you will know how to have an unforgettable trigasmo.

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