Caravelle Hotel Sai Gon hotel in the center of Saigon

Blog entry posted by dulichso, Jul 10, 2017.

You are a provincial citizen who wants to visit Saigon or you are a business man who often stops in Saigon for business meetings. So I'm sure District 1 is one of the places you should stop here. District 1 is the center of the city when you stop at the wire you will see and feel the life of the people of this city. District 1 is home to many fun activities, many fun centers, stroll, many dishes, this is the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

You want to choose Ho Chi Minh hotel in District 1, a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City you can not leave the city, the hotel is located in the heart of District 1, it is the Hotel Caravelle Saigon. The hotel is located just 19-23 Lam Son Square, Caravelle Hotel Saigon is a five star hotel and has a most beautiful location in the chain of Ho Chi Minh. When you first enter the hotel you will feel the architecture that characterizes the hotel's prominence is the harmonious combination between East and West Europe. Services and services in the Caravelle Sai Gon do not lack for you any service. On the premises of the hotel there is a swimming pool, besides the hotel also has large meeting rooms, very convenient for meetings with your partner.